Welcome to Laya Loka,

Released to the World on this auspicious day of Shivarathri Thursday 27 Feb 2014 at 6.30pm

A website created for Indian classical music enthusiasts where you can find  information, history, theory, instrument and  musicians biographies.
The website is in its infancy and growing to become one of the biggest and finest of its kind  in the world.

This site has been developed by a team of Carnatic musicians from

The Guru Manpundia Pillai Sangeetha Ashram
Lenasia in Johannesburg, South Africa.

This website aims to capture all knowledge on the Indian thala system as it grows.
Be on the look out for more theory, practice, North Indian thala knowledge and more…

Rajan, Mahesh and Premilla
Guru Manpundia Pillai Sangeetha Ashram
South Africa

Sogasuga Mridanga Thalamu Jatagoorchi Ninnu Sokkageyu Dheerudevvado

Who is it that can Beautifully Sing your Praise to the Rhythm of the Mridangam

Thyagaraja Swami

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