Thala Sesa

Tala Sesa

There is no title to the plate, but the name is mentioned in the text. The present Tala consists of some metrical units like magana(a unit of three guru matras) three ragaas (a unit of guru laghu-guru) and finally raganas(laghu-guru-laghu). Some portion of the symbolic representation is invisible but it can be made out with the help of the chachakaras. The middle portion can be reconstructed and the symbolic representation would thus be SSS SISSISSISISI The Abhinavatalamanjari gives a different version of the Tala Sesa.

Sesa balancing his precious burden on his broad head accepts obeisance from four sages. He is painted whitish grey with dots in black. The body is coilcd on a small hillock and the hoods are spread out. The devotees are bare-bodied except for the brightly coloured silken dhotis,pitambaras. Their shaven heads and long tufts mark them out for what they are—brahmana sages.One of them donns a pagadi bearing lot many ornaments. They make an offering in a golden bowl which sornehov is suspended in mid-air in front of Sesa’s mouth. A pale blue wash brings in relief all the figures, the worshipped as well as the worshippers. As stated earlier this seems to he a pictorial representation of the visit of Sanaka and three other sages to Sesa; how this incident appears here is not clear.

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