Thala Padmamalika

Tala Padmamailka

Tala Padmamalika consists of fifteen laghu matras, twentyfive pluta matras and eight druta matras.This part is followed by a symbolic representation, then the chachakaras. There are a few discrepancies in the literal, symbolic and numeral parts. The number of laghu matras in words is fifteen, in numerals it is 16; of pluta matras, in words it is twentyfive but 26 in numerals. The literal definition, i. e. fifteen and twentyfive should be treated as more acceptable as it is less susceptible to scribal errors. The symbol used for pluta should be and not S. Apart from the word pluta in this connection, the chachakara makes it amply clear that it should be and not S. Use of the word paksa is noteworthy, usually it means one half of the lunar month, that is a period of fifteen days. Here it is taken to denote the figure fifteen on account of its association with a fortnight. The word sara is used as before, as a synonym for laghu. The first few letters are lost; perhaps they were Sri Ganeasyanmah.

The Lotus Garland. A very young girl garlands a very handsome youth. It is a garland of lotus flowers, the flower that stands for tender love. It is tenderness that is the prevailing mood of the composition. The faces of both the figures are very young, unusually handsome, comely and delicate and offset the rather stiff delineation of their bodies. The pair stands in the centre of the frame, on either side are giant trees introducing an element of symmetry. Bright red and yellow are used for the costumes which stand out in sharp contrast to the flat grey-blue background and the pale green undulating ground below. Here too the nayika is clad in the typical Maratha sadi, and in addition sports an equally typical local feature, the horizontal stripe of kunkuma on her forehead, the ciri.

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