Thala Manojava

Tala Manojava

Tala Manojava is described as one exciting erotic passion. It begins with a ragana (a unit of guru, laghu and guru matras) then laghu, guru, druta, guru, two laghu matras, two druta matras andfinally three anudrutas is the sequence of Tala Manojava. Every piece of the paramalu is repeated thrice.

One who goes with the speed of mind—the fastest thing on earth according to the ancients.That was the epithet applied to Hanuman. This element is expressed here through two figures,one main, the other subsidiary. In the foreground is the vigorous figure of an athlete running at great speed, in the background is a galloping, black buck although going in the opposite direction. Except for a loin cloth, a sash and a headgear, the athlete has nothing else on his well developed body. He is quite handsome with a bold red horizontal saffron mark on his forehead.

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