Thala Kautukapunja

Tala Kautukapunja

A sequence of four druta matras, five laghu matras and a bhagana that is, a unit of one guru and two laghu mãtrãs, at the end. The symbols, chachakãra etc are arranged in the usual fashion. Some pieces from the paramalu are repeated. Kankana and sara are the synonyms used for guru and laghu matras.

Kautukapunja. Royalty at leisure. A young man absorbed in watching the play of a fountain in the cistern nearby. Seated on a terrace on a luxurious carpet, with a bolster behind, he is being attended upon by a servant with a whisk. The white of the angarakha patterned with gold and the chandan-chola, add to this atmosphere of leisureliness and luxury. The entire colour-scheme is dominated by white—the building behind, the cistern, the carpet. The dull green of the background stimulates the same mood. On the forehead are vertical saffron marks. With a few differences in detail, this painting is similar to that of tala Gajadanta. In this case, however, there is a greater refinement.

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